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Propeller Manufacturing

Kruger & Sons Propeller has been manufacturing propellers since the 1940’s for commercial and individual applications. We have the capability to build propellers up to 14’ feet in diameter using manganese bronze, nickel-aluminum-bronze (nibral), or stainless steel, in all styles to any specifications. If we do not have the pattern on hand we make it. We manufacture locally in small batch orders to ensure the industry’s fastest turnaround, from date of order to date of completion (6-8 weeks). Our step by step manufacturing process is explained below, along with some of our most popular propeller styles. Call today for a quote!


The first step is to turn the design into a pattern. We use state of the art CNC milling machines along with our patented computer software to score patterns to the highest degree of accuracy.


The patterns are then used to precisely manufacture our sand molds used during the casting process. Our Pro series molds are manufactured with Chemically Bonded Sand also referred to as “No-bake” sand. It consist of a combination of high grade silica sand and chemical bonding agents.

Bore & Key

Propellers are bored to accurate standard or metric measurements using Kruger Propeller’s computer driven CNC milling machines according to SAE J755 and ISO 4566 standards. Tapers are available in 1:16 and 1:10 ratios.

Static & Dynamic Balancing

All propellers are balanced using Kruger Propeller’s high speed digital balancer,.we also perform a static balance, which allows your propellers to be installed on your vessel immediately upon delivery. All propellers are dynamically balanced according to the ISO 1940/1 standards of G 6.3 or G2.5 (residual balance mass).


All propellers are finished using Hale MRI software and our patented measuring instruments and inspection equipment. We have designed the worlds first 3D-axial inspection machine. Its basic functions include: scanning and analyzing pitch, expanded area, thickness, prop angle of elevation and the deviation angle among blades. It can also measure a single CP blade. It's the only prop inspection instrument on the market which can digitally measure the thickness of props in a one step process.

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