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Nakashima Propellers

We are the certified Nakashima repair facility in the Pacific Northwest.

We stock standard sizes up to 36” in 4 blade nibral. All other sizes are available for special order.

NHV Effect

NHV Type
Conventional Type

Because of Nakashima’s unique technology, hub vortex causing energy loss and rudder erosion can be reduced by using specially shaped propeller blades, without the use of any special accessories. Reduced hub vortex improves efficiency and prevents rudder erosion.

Tip Rake effect

Tip Rake Type
Conventional Type

The unique shape of the blade tip developed by Nakashima is expected to reduce cavitation and aft fluctuating pressure.


High skew effect

Propellers with a sharp sweepback are called "high skew" propellers. Their unique shape reduces the vibration of a vessel's body as well as propeller noise.



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